aleksandra plavsic is a interdisciplinary artist of Yugoslav origin. She grew up and lived part of her life abroad, notably in Germany, Sweden and the former Yugoslavia, where she studied philosophy at the University of Belgrade. A interdisciplinary artst, her artistic practice ranges from installation to video, painting, drawing and sound. Since her arrival in France in 2000, sound installations were her first technique and approach for dealing with subjects linked to time and memory.Since then, she has continued to work on the restitution of events, situations and environments, and elaborates the narrative of social and political relations and their consequences, the states, notably psychological, that they entail. She also depicts herself in her drawings and paintings, speaking of her own experiences in a country at war.She deals with the subjects of confinement, solitude, madness, escape, life and death, questioning what hinders and paralyzes the psychic movements of the human being.Transmission is increasingly vital to her.Urgent. In the form of painting and drawing, she works on immediate gestures, as well as writing quick words in all the languages she has learned, as if it were necessary to leave a trace and hurry off somewhere else.The combination of abstract processes and figurative motifs is becoming more and more her signature, with canvases in bright, fresh colors endowed with a strong emotional charge - the part of childhood she's looking for, perhaps? Her recent technique of using AI software enables her to devote herself to the search for images of memory, then declining characters, which can be ghosts, objects, places or events.

"c'est un endroit"  oil on canvas 80x60cm may2023  Reims